Ferry, ‘cross the Murray

There are free 24 hour ferry crossings all along the Murray River in South Australia. This one is at Morgan.

Morgan ferry
The Morgan ferry, South Australia

I have been ferried ‘cross the Murray at Morgan, Waikerie, Cadell and Walker Flat so far.

Crossing the Murray at Morgan
Crossing the Murray at Morgan

Huge cables pull the ferry from one side to the other where big clamps come down and lock them into place.

This outlook is above the ferry crossing at Walker Flat. So green after driving through the dry brown countryside.

The view from the lookout at Walker Flat
From the lookout at Walker Flat

So many of these small communities rely on these ferries to connect them to their neighbours on the other side. Imagine what it would have been like before there were bridges.

And how many bridges get washed away in the floods? Look where the 1956 flood level reached.

Walker Flat 1956 flood levels
Waiting for ferry at Walker Flat

Ferries slow you down to enjoy the experience.