Staying Cool in Coonalpyn

I was looking forward to enjoying the Coonalpyn RV Fest this coming weekend but temperatures forecast in the 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) prompted the organisers to cancel it as many attendees pulled out. 😥

Coonalpyn Silo Art
Coonalpyn Silo Art

Makes no difference to me where I am in 40 degree weather as I live in my campervan but for those with the choice of staying at home with air conditioning- well, really there was no choice! ( wusses🤪)

Map of my travels

So I’ve come to Coonalpyn anyway as it’s on the route back to my sister’s home in Nagambie, (the green line on the map is where I’m heading), I’ve pulled into the little caravan park where I was going to stay for the RVFest, enjoyed a swim in the local pool which is right next door, and met some great fellow travellers.

Coonalpyn Swimming Pool
Coonalpyn Swimming Pool
Coonalpyn Caravan Park
We all wanted the shade today!

Tomorrow I’ll be on the road again to find somewhere a little cooler, if that’s at all possible.

In the meantime I’m loving my little Transcool personal aircon that keeps me sane by cooling me down enough to give me a good night’s sleep.

Transcool Aircon
Love my little aircon!

I’m disappointed about the RV Fest but it would have been a very unpleasant few days in the extreme heat. There’s always a next time! 😎