Solo Travellers

I belong to a group of Solo Travellers and I’m on my to Blackall, in Queensland, for a country muster for our RV club. They say Blackall is beyond the black stump, way out west, in the never-never … all good old Aussie terms for remote locations!

As we roll along towards our destination, coming from all directions and all around Australia, the group I’m travelling with is growing in numbers.

We’ve enjoyed campfires together …

Campfire at Bogan Weir NSW

Sightseeing ….

Silos at Weethalle, NSW

Riverfront Camps ….

Wallam Creek Camp, Bollon QLD

And then we had a dress up night at the tiny town of Bollon, in Queensland.

Op Shop Glam night at Bollon Hotel

Bollon only has a pub, a petrol station and a little shop, with a population around 300. We phoned ahead to let the pub know there would be about 80 of us coming into town and most of us would like to buy dinner there!

The chef promptly resigned!

How they did it I don’t know but the pub rustled up some beautiful salads and offered us a barbecue dinner and we all had a great night.

CMCA Solos at Bollon Hotel

Our dress up theme was Op Shop Glamour so we all scrounged through all the charity clothing shops in the little country towns we passed through to find something ‘glamourous’ to wear. So much fun! My gown was a $5 purchase from Vinnies in Lightning Ridge 😎

Op Shop Glam at the Bollon Hotel QLD

For a group of people living pretty rough we didn’t scrub up too badly!

Op Shop Glam at the Bollon Hotel QLDOp Shop Glam at the Bollon Hotel QLDOp Shop Glam at the Bollon Hotel QLDOp Shop Glam at the Bollon Hotel QLDOp Shop Glam at the Bollon Hotel QLD

What a wonderful group of friends I have and what amazing experiences we are sharing.

….. and there’s touch of crazy about us too 😂