Yaraka Is Full Of Surprises

It’s Saturday and Joanne, the cook, is preparing Risotto for the ‘special’ tonight.

Maurice, one of the campers, brings his Italian heritage to the fore and offers to help. The result? Magnifico!

It was served to the accompaniment of beautiful harp playing by Christine Middleton, another of the campers. So special!

Not to be outdone, Christine’s husband, Tim Sheed, who is President of the Australian Bush Poets Association, then entertained us with some wonderful renditions of Banjo Paterson’s poems. Of course, being on the Outer Barcoo, (where churches are few) he started off with The Bush Christening.

From bagpipes on Wednesday night to the harp and bush poetry on Saturday night, the little town of Yaraka in outback Queensland, a population of 12 permanent residents, is sure full of surprises!