Blue Moon? No! Kalki Moon!

Bundaberg is famous for its rum, but Kalki Moon is putting Bundaberg on the map among gin connoisseurs. Kalki Moon Distillery Bundaberg

Kalki Moon Bundaberg Gin Range

And even for people like me who enjoy a refreshing gin and tonic without really claiming to be much of a connoisseur! Although at the generous tasting offered after their tour and talk it was the top of the range Kalki Moon Navy Gin that won me.

Kalki Moon Navy Gin

Lucky me! I left Kalki Moon the proud owner of this delicious drop thanks to my friend Yvonne who is entrusting me with the care of her precious fur babies while she has a holiday.

We sat up at the bar and tasted the range when it was really far too early to drink 🤪 What a way to start the day!

Kalki Moon is based in a small warehouse where it produces award winning gins. Their gin production began as a sideline, to generate income while waiting for their rum to meet the requirement of ‘aging’ before it can be bottled and sold.

Kalki Moon Distillery Bundaberg Kalki Moon Distillery Bundaberg Kalki Moon Distillery Bundaberg

This family run business has certainly made a name for itself on the world gin stage, winning a gold medal in London competing against very well known brands. And it’s friendly, welcoming invitation to visit the distillery is another winner!

Cheers 🍸