Bamboo Land

Do you often pass signs to places and think “I must go there one day!” Bamboo Land near Howard, in Queensland, has been on my radar for the last few years. Personal recommendations from friends and the constant reminders as I drive past the highway signs finally had a result! I made the detour – and I’m so glad I did!

Soaring stands of bamboo

Soaring stands of bamboo greet you on arrival and frame the pathway to a nursery specialising in bamboo, ginger plants and heliconias.

Meandering through the gardens is a journey of discovery – little water- lilied lakes, open parkland, river frontage and picnic huts.

I’m not sure about the huge sculptured ape at this picnic hut but I did love the horse made of timber pieces locked and laminated together.

Pretty flowering plants filled the understory of the giant bamboos and gingers and made a splash of colour among the greenery.

Take the detour! Discover the hidden treasures down the side roads! And visit that ‘one day I’ll go there’ place. I’m so glad I followed the urge – and the signs – to Bamboo Land.

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