A Mother’s Day Tribute

I was so lucky to have my mum in my life for so long – 65 years! This year is my 10th year without her but I often feel she is with me still.

My mum and I – 1946
L-R My sister Marion, Mum, nephew Simon and me
Mum’s 97th birthday 2010.

Dear mum ….. she put up with so much from her girls. Our best effort was a Mother’s Day picnic we had planned at the Botanical Gardens in Brisbane. There was no where to park when we got there so off we went in search of a nice park somewhere. We had no luck, so with rumbling tummies and a picnic basket of yummy food we set up our picnic on a wide median strip in the middle of a suburban street. It wasn’t quite what we planned but mum went along with it – and reminded us every Mother’s Day about her picnic in the middle of the road!

Love you and miss you ❤️. Happy Mother’s Day Mum.

One thought on “A Mother’s Day Tribute

  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story.
    The loss of our mother leaves us with such sadness but the happiest of memories are the constant reminder of the love that never ends.


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