Tagging Along – Day 1

On Monday June 7 it was time to leave the comfort and security of family and head off once again in my trusty campervan, Brutus the Beast. First stop – Calliope (cal lie oh pee), just over 200 kms from my departure point in Bundaberg, Queensland.

Calliope riverside camping area.
Beautiful riverside camping

This was the first time I had stayed on the south side of the river but both sides have plenty of room for RV’s of all sizes. There are no facilities- but there is also no fee to stay here!

Campervan in a campground
Brutus happy to be out and about!

I met up with some of my Solo travelling friends there and we are heading off north together to Townsville and beyond for winter. There’s a rough plan in place for our ‘tagalong’ but it’s flexible enough to make changes as we go depending on the wishes of the group.

Kathy has a new puppy- it’s a chmoodle – a cross between a chihuahua and a poodle. Angus is a little ball of fluffy energy … and very cute 🥰 He’s only about 12 inches long and 12 weeks old and sooo adorable. Unfortunately they are not travelling with us but it was lovely to catch up for the night.

Chmoodle puppy.
Looks cheeky – and he is!

It wasn’t a long drive, but it was a long day. There’s an emotional tiredness stepping out again into the unknown … renewing friendships … and becoming comfortable again with my little camping home!

Map showing route Bundaberg to Calliope.

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