Rollingstone – Rolling Nowhere

Locked down! The first time it has happened to me and a first for Townsville! It’s only for 3 days and I’m lucky to be in a lovely camp at Rollingstone, about 50kms north of the city.

This campground is known as ‘Bushy’ Parker Park after a local identity and war hero and has lovely shady areas as well as sunny spots to keep up the solar power so many of us need for our RV’s these days.

How times have changed with Covid! You now have to register with Townsville Council to stay at the park – all part of making contact tracing easier and restricting numbers.

They say a woman’s work is never done … so out came my bucket to catch up on the washing! When you don’t have a laundry or clothes line an over door hanging rack works just as well off my bull bar.

In a corner of the park there is an unusual memorial that appears to be for several different people. I’m not sure of the significance here but I have noticed in various camping areas around the country that memorials have been erected to those that loved a particular place – might have once been a favourite fishing or camping spot for them

I’m counting down to 6pm tonight when lockdown is due to end, I’ll stay here tonight, then hopefully join friends in the area for a few days as I wait to have my second Covid shot in Townsville next Wednesday.

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