Tagging Along to Townsville

My poetic take on our recent travels.


I’ve been tagging along with a rag tag crew
Some with much experience, others fairly new.
Our journey began in Bundaberg, our first night Calliope,
There was Christine, John, Elke and Jerry,
and Di, Ted, Peter and me.
At Calliope
Like a rolling stone we gathered some more 
As our tagalong slowly moved north
Joined by Robyn and Dave and Sandy
and Lina made up the fourth.

Our plans weren’t set in concrete
So we changed them on the go
It seemed like every town we went to
Was closed for the local show!
At Brandybottle
Our overnight camp at Brandybottle 
Turned into a three day stay
Jacky our hostess so welcoming
We had to tear ourselves away.

But we were off to the General Gordon hotel
To celebrate Jeanie’s birthday
And our lunch time crowd grew near twenty
When others joined us for Jeanie’s big day.
Jeanie, the birthday queen.
A couple of overnighters,
Driving about 40k’s each day
And we found ourselves camped on a cane farm
At the friendly Oh Deere Farm Stay

They ferried us up to the Bowls Club
For burgers and raffles of meat trays
And drove us home through the cane fields
It was one of our memorable stays.
Oh Deere Farm Stay
Shar and Jan had joined us by now
Dave and Robyn had gone off to the beach
The Gumlu Tavern was our next stop
A long way, but it was well within reach.

But the pizzas around the fire pits
Made up for our long day’s drive
And the camp out the back was a freebie
This life makes you glad you’re alive!
The Gumlu Tavern
A couple of nights at Home Hill
Brought us closer to our destination
But Di got banned from the Showgrounds
Much to our consternation.

The manager doesn’t like wizzbangs
And told her quite rudely at that
She wrote a review, got the bloke in a stew
So he told her she had to scat!
Our last night was enjoyed round the campfire 
With spuds and the odd glass of red
And as the fire died down and the chat went quiet
We all wandered off to bed.
What began as a group of travellers
Has become now a group of friends
As we’ve shared our travels to Townsville
The journey more important than its end.

Rosemary Robinson June 2021

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