Bush Camping and Balloons

While in the area of Far North Queensland I attended a bush camp at Ringers Rest, Mareeba. It was run by my Solos group of travellers and over 100 RV’s joined us on site.

Photo by Jennifer Mitchell

The campground is huge and our group only occupied about 1/3 of it. A highlight for many of our attendees was a hot air balloon ride which drifted over our campsite. See Jennie’s photo above taken from the balloon.

Up, up and away!

Bethel, one of our very creative members, painted 80 rocks that were placed around the grounds for people to find. Love the little one I found that has become an instant treasure.

Bethel’s amazing rocks
My treasured find!

Facilities were basic! A bush shower supplied with hot water from solar heated showers bags, a ‘long drop’ toilet, no water available and no rubbish collection! Did I say it was basic? Well, it was a bush camp, after all!

But the camp fires – they were the best! They were stoked every morning and burned until the last person went to bed at night. They were the ‘heart’ of the camp. We cooked damper for breakfast, camp oven dinners and jaffles any time of the day.

And then Ringer Dave, our host, brought over some hollow logs that became chimneys of flame – just spectacular!

We sat around yarning until late, sipping port and listening to the beautiful songs and guitar playing from one of our members, Lindsay. Here he is performing with another of our members, Gary, at a different event. We are so lucky to have these two generous souls in our group – they love playing and we love listening!

Gary & Lindsay – Photo by Rose Calder.

Our bush camp went for 7 nights and as one of the crew I was there for 10 nights. It was a bit too long for me without the basic facilities of water, rubbish collection and a decent shower and toilet.

But the campfires … oh, the campfires…

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