Grassy Hill, Cooktown

It’s hard to imagine Grassy Hill without its dense covering of trees but it actually got its name because

‘… in the past local aboriginals deliberately burnt the forest on the hill to encourage re-growth of vegetation and draw animals to the area for hunting.’ The hill dominates the town of Cooktown and homes are nestled into the hillside on the steep climb to the top.

The road to the top is very steep and winding with several hairpin bends to negotiate before arriving at a lookout with views that take your breath away.

Endeavour River from Grassy Hill.
Looking north towards native lands
Cooktown nestled at the bottom of the hill.

The high vantage point of Grassy Hill made it home to the Cooktown Light one of the smallest lighthouses I have seen!

Lighthouse on Grassy Hill
The Cooktown Light

I was lucky one of my fellow travellers drove me to the top of Grassy Hill as I’m pretty sure the steep road would have really tested my trusty campervan, Brutus – and he may not have passed the test!

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