Overnighter at the Movies!

I’m at the movies tonight! The Drive-In movies at Mareeba in Far North Queensland. In my campervan! And I’m staying the night!

It’s movie night at Mareeba!

My friends and I were planning on a stay behind a Sports Club in Mareeba but Council Rangers came and moved us along – no camping allowed! A quick search on my favourite camping app,WikiCamps, and I discovered that we could stay at the Mareeba Drive-In theatre, $14 each for the night and that included a double feature! Without a second thought we packed up and moved on!

All lined up for a new experience!
Happy Hour at the drive-in movies!

As the sun went down, the lights went out and the first movie started – The Unholy. Horror movies definitely aren’t my genre of choice but it was Friday the 13th so I guess it was appropriate 👻

I pulled my curtains closed at intermission and despite the sound track booming from the adjacent speakers I was soon asleep 😴

I’ve just ticked off an experience that hadn’t even made it to my bucket list!

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