Down Came The Rain In The Daintree

I know Tropical North Queensland is also called the wet tropics but I came here in the dry season! Well, I’d hate to be here in the wet as it rained, rained, rained for most of my visit 🌦🌦🌦

A wet ferry crossing over the Daintree River

After leaving the Lions Den Hotel our little group of half a dozen RV’s travelled 200kms for an overnighter at Rifle Creek Rest Area at Mt Molloy before heading to Daintree Village.

200kms from The Lions Den to Rifle Creek
From The Lions Den to the Daintree.

I split off from the group on the way to catch up with my lovely friends Juanita and Graham at Port Douglas. Juanita and I were neighbours when I lived on the Gold Coast and we became golfing buddies and great friends.

At the Tin Shed, Port Douglas

By the time I arrived at The Daintree Riverview Caravan Park the rest of the group were off on a Crocodile Cruise. I planned to do it the following morning but the rain was relentless so I sadly gave it a miss. The others saw some huge crocs! 🐊

View towards the Daintree River
Daintree Village shops and pub

We had 2 nights here and another good pub meal before heading off to the ferry which would take us across the Daintree River to Cape Tribulation. Perhaps I’ll see a crocodile there?

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