Cape Tribulation – Where the Rainforest Meets the Sea

Palm trees line the beach and form the frontline to the rainforest that encloses the Cape Tribulation Campground.

The beach at Cape Tribulation
Where the rainforest meets the sea.

Cape Tribulation is literally the end of the road – well, the bitumen road anyway! If you want to travel any further north from here you take the 4×4 Bloomfield Track to Cooktown which then becomes the jumping off point for Cape York. The tip of Cape York is still over 900kms of rough dirt road away!

Captain Cook named Cape Tribulation …

… and you can see from this satellite view how challenging it is to navigate a safe passage through the coral reef to the shore.

I was fortunate to share my Cape Trib experience with fellow Solo travellers. We walked on the beach, played cards together and enjoyed happy hour in the camp kitchen.

Cape Tribulation beach
Busy little crabs decorate the beach with their diggings.
Happy hour 🍷

You’re probably wondering why we have jumpers and jackets on? Well, the tropical dry season has been cold and wet this year! Cape Tribulation boasts an annual rainfall of 3.9 metres and certainly added plenty towards that total over the three days we were there.

My campsite was soon waterfront!

The day we left the sky cleared to a brilliant blue, the sun shone brightly and there was no sign of rain … yet! We drove back to the ferry across the Daintree River stopping at viewing points to capture the beauty of the area.

Spectacular scenery…
Driving through the rainforest…
Then down came the rain!

It was a wet farewell to all points north as we crossed the Daintree River heading back towards the Tablelands.

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