Crikey! It’s Australia Zoo

Like the meerkats I was alert and watchful as I wandered the paths of Australia Zoo at Beerwah in Queensland.

Although many animals were in spacious natural enclosures, water dragons and

frilly neck lizards scampered along the pathways looking for crumbs and attention.

Our tour bus picked us up at 10am and the driver had plenty of time to give us a history of the zoo as we crept along Steve Irwin Way with hundreds of other cars heading in the same direction. She suggested we jump on a shuttle to the far end of the zoo and work our way back to the Crocoseum for the show at 1.30pm. So off we went to Africa to meet the world’s tallest giraffe!

The giraffes shared their park with the zebras who looked like miniatures against their tall companions. The rhinos were next door and posed beautifully to show off their horns 😊

And then we moved on to the meerkats who had young so they were very watchful.

The zoo is very well laid out with good walking paths and lush vegetation. So here’s my tour on the way to the croc show!

Aldebra Tortoises
Asian Elephants
Entry to the tiger temple

And what regal animals they are!

Walking through the Wetands …

Graceful Jabirus

… And the Australian area…

Sleepy koalas
Contented kangaroos

… Brought us out right at the Crocoseum entrance… perfect timing for the show! We were very lucky to have Terri and Robert Irwin presenting the show and they arrived after a fly through of exotic and Australian birds that appeared on cue. Spectacular- but too quick for me to snap.

Here’s what we were waiting for!

Of course, this is just a small section of the show just as this blog focuses on a small part of the total experience. The zoo also has a huge wildlife rescue service and hospital and is truly a wonderful legacy that Steve Irwin has left us all.

Crikey! I’ve ticked Australia Zoo off my bucket list!

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