A Mouse in the House!

The best fed mice in Bundaberg are living in our house! 🐭

They have chewed their way through the chipboard at the back of the kitchen cupboard and helped themselves to the leftovers scraped in to the kitchen bin.

Good advice said to block the hole with steel wool and mice won’t chew through it so that’s what we did. Not to be deterred they chewed a new hole above it and continued their invasion.

A visit to Bunnings and a killer mouse trap later we were prepared to rid ourselves of the little rodents. The first trap we set went off with a bang! Success! One dead mouse. 🐁.

But there was at least one more as I saw it scampering away when I opened the cupboard door.

I’m sure this one must be too fat now to get through the hole as Day 1 it ate three peanut butter baits and two lumps of cheese 🧀 deftly removing it all from the trap without triggering it. Day 2 it repeated this remarkable feat and still eluded capture. 

The next morning though the trap had gone off… but where was the mouse? Oh, there it is, dead on the cupboard floor … without a mark on it! We figured it died of fright when the trap went off 😱

This called for stronger measures so off we went to find a fool proof trap ie one that didn’t make us look like fools! 😜

PS: Our mouse family is eradicated! Mum, Dad and the kids are all in mouse heaven … and we are no longer waiting for the SNAP of the trap.

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