Beyond Ponto Falls

I’m not sure if Ponto ever had ‘falls’ but there’s certainly none to be seen these days. Gentle rapids would be the closest to the real thing! Before we left Ponto Falls fellow Solo, Kit, sent his drone up for some aerial shots of the campground.

Ponto Falls Campground
L- R Kit, Dave & I
Magical place 😊

From Ponto Falls we continued our journey south, stopping overnight at Wheogo Park in Forbes where we caught up with Kit again and a few other Solos heading to Cohuna Solos Rally. It was an easy drive today – only about 150kms.

Wheogo Park, Forbes

Both Ponto Falls and Wheogo Park are free to camp at and offer toilets and a black water dump point. Forbes also had town water taps for us travellers.

Some of these places I could happily spend several days at but I’m on a mission to get to Cohuna in Victoria and I was severely held up when my old van Brutus had a hissy fit and delayed my departure. Travelling like a dream now in my BF, loaned to me for this trip by BF Ros.

Who’s a lucky girl? Me!

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