Tocumwal Town Beach

I’m travelling with fellow Solo, Dave, who hadn’t been to this campground before and he imagined it literally as a beach with a backdrop of a town – like … cross the road to the shops. This Town Beach is a little further away from the town than that but still looked like a busy parking lot when we arrived at midday a couple of days ago.

Tocumwal Town Beach

Dave’s motorhome is the blue/grey one in the foreground so you can see we were almost last in a long line but all these RV’s had a riverfront location. There was probably 30 metres of sand to trudge through to get to the river and I was almost tempted to strip off for a swim – with my togs on of course – but I thought about it for too long and the urge passed 🤪

A lot of those campers were fellow Solos so it was a happy catch up time with old friends and new and a great get together before our Solos Rally that begins next week.

We’ve been asked to arrive early so that’s put paid to any thoughts of a few days relaxing by the river! We’ve still got one more night though and a new campground to discover at Wakool. The reviews sound good … here’s hoping 🤞

6 thoughts on “Tocumwal Town Beach

  1. Is the nudist colony near the beach around the western bend, on the Vic side, still going? Also, did you see the koala who wanders down the street into the pharmacy, waits for the automatic door to open and walks in? It would be on YouTube some where probably.

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  2. Interesting thing about Tocumwal is at trhe local Golf Club. Scattered through the bushy parts of the course are huge World war 2 concrete ammunition bunkers. If you hit a ball into the bush and it lands on a concrete bunker roof…the ball will bounce really high…and probably land in Sydney or Melbourne

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    1. Hahaha. You’re not prone to a little exaggeration there are you Rex? I did note pointers along the road with regiment names on them though and it reminded me of the Atherton Tablelands where they are everywhere- a memento of WW2


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