Cat’s Heads

I’m rather partial to cats. I’ve had my own kitty cats off and on throughout my life and I’ve house sat many since but …

This is Millie, a furry bundle of cute catness!

… cat’s heads are a different matter! I’m not talking about the head of a pussy cat here, I’m talking about these lethal little burrs that attach themselves to shoes and lie in wait to attack unsuspecting feet!


The spikes on these burrs are so sharp they puncture tyres on push bikes and cause brave men and women to curse loudly if one embeds itself in your foot, as they are prone to do. 😫

Our campground here at Cohuna, Victoria is covered in them. They are known by other names, most of which I can’t repeat here , but you might recognise them as 3 cornered jacks or doublegees.

Whatever they are called doesn’t change the fact that they are a campers worst nightmare. It doesn’t matter how careful you are they WILL find a way to the most tender part of your foot and cause you to hop around like an idiot while you curse in pain!

There’s nothing soft and cuddly about these Cat’s Heads!

Lily loves a cuddle though 🤗

6 thoughts on “Cat’s Heads

  1. Doesn’t say much for the care the local government council takes of their recreation reserve if they haven’t sprayed and weeded the area. Catheads come back after a sprinkle of rain, so it should have been attended to by the council as they knew the rally was about to happen. So much for hoping to bring $$$ into the town. Will leave a nasty memory in most people’s minds.


    1. Most of us are veteran campers and are used to finding hazards like this in bush camps. I think their source is a noxious weed though so you’re right, they should be sprayed by local authorities.


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