Capturing Character

Although I haven’t written anything for a couple of days I have been busy being creative in another way.

There is an old Post Office on the property where I am housesitting and it’s inspired me to get out my paints and try to capture its character.

This was my inspiration

My first attempt was using watercolours but I gave that up as a bad joke after a couple of sheets of paper went in the bin. So out came my acrylics- and I must say I really enjoyed working with them! I had a greater range of colours too.

The Old Talgarno Post Office

I’ll never be a Monet but I’m certainly enjoying my dabbling!

4 thoughts on “Capturing Character

  1. Have you always been an artist? This is amazing stuff. Very saleable…you can always say, “Show me the Monet!” I’m the Forrest Gump of the art scene…I can’t even draw a hot bath. I’m soooo jealous!

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    1. I have no confidence drawing – always told at school I was dreadful at it – but fortunately the paint covers up my basic outline sketching. You should try it! Your photography has given you a great eye for composition so you’re half way there!


  2. It is amazing! I love it! I hope that you don’t aspire to be Monet (or my favored Van Goch), as you have your own great talent and style. Art isn’t about just copying, but it is about the artists giving their interpretation to what they see

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