Trephina Gorge

Trephina Gorge National Park is in the East MacDonnell Ranges about 75 kms from Alice Springs.

As I was driving there the other day I thought the landscape was quite foreboding. The hills were dark and ominous as their rugged cliffs towered over me.

Then the landscape opened up – and lightened up – and my mood changed to one of excited expectation for what lay ahead. I was not going to be disappointed!

6 kilometres of rough corrugated gravel road led me to my campground at Bluff Gorge. Wow! It was stunning!

View from my camp
Along the dry river bed

I had three nights at Trephina Gorge and definitely could have stayed longer but … no phone or internet reception for 3 days was long enough for me! While there, though, I was certainly a very happy camper 😊

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