Welcome To The Territory

We crossed the border from South Australia to the Northern Territory with only the obligatory photo stop to record our travel.

At the NT border

Since leaving Matheson Bore we had a couple nights in Marla catching up with so many Solos, some we haven’t seen for a few weeks!

Our group filled the campground!

Several of us met up again at Marryat Creek Rest Area for the night before crossing into the Northern Territory. Apart from the big welcome sign the big difference is road speed – 110kmh maximum speed becomes 130kmh. I’m happy to sit on 90 anyway as I’m not in a hurry to get anywhere. Those in a hurry overtake me and if it’s safe I pull over and allow others to pass.

Our little group of four had one last campfire at the Alex Warne Rest Area before going in different directions for the next couple of weeks.

Alex Warne Rest Area.

I’m off to Alice Springs!

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