Is Alice The Centre?

When Australians think of the centre of Australia they think of Uluṟu (Ayres Rock) and Alice Springs. Well, for a start, these two places are 465 kilometres from each other!

Blue = Alice Springs. Red = Uluṟu

In fact, the actual centre of Australia is about 200kms south east of Alice Springs and is marked by a plaque and flag pole and is known as the Lambert Centre.

Geographical Centre of Australia

I found it interesting the way they calculated it! Did they have 24,500 people at different spots around the coastline sending in messages from the high tide mark? 😂😂

I think it’s reasonable to think of Alice Springs as the centre – it’s pretty close in the scheme of things! And Uluṟu – The Rock?Well, that will always be known as the spiritual centre!


Alice? Uluṟu? Geographical Centre? Spiritual Centre? They are all known as The Red Centre and when you look at the photos there’s no argument about how it got that name!

The Red Centre
Camping in the Red Centre

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