Alice In The Round

There’s a high point in Alice Springs, Anzac Hill, which gives you a wonderful 360° view over the town. The drive to the top is steep and I was thankful I wasn’t in my old campervan, Brutus the Beast, as he would have really hated that hill!

As the road winds its way the 600 metres to the top there are large signs identifying all the conflicts Australian Service Men & Women have been involved in, although Anzac Hill was originally dedicated to those who lost their lives in WW1.

Australian, Northern Territory & Aboriginal flags

It was a grey day when I visited but looking out to the horizon it really highlighted how Alice Springs is nestled within the MacDonnell Ranges.

Alice Springs Retail Centre
Towards The Gap
Business/Industrial area
Top left is the railway where the famous Ghan pulls in
Plaques have information about battles fought by Australian troops
There were also plaques for local indigenous history and story telling

If you click on the town photos and then expand them you will see the beauty of the landscape in the surrounding ranges. Here’s a sample zooming in on the Industrial photo above.

The longer I stay in Alice the more I want to get to know it. I find it challenging rather than comfortable, a little sad with its shuttered shops and confronting with police needing to monitor alcohol purchases. But it has a rich history of intrepid explorers, cameleers, and survival in harsh, dry conditions. It has amazing cultural activities, galleries full of Aboriginal art and tours to places inaccessible to most vehicles.

Alice in the round? I’d like to spend more time around Alice, but in a few days I’ll be heading further north. I’ll just have to come back some time in the future. 2024 isn’t too far away is it? – it’s a plan in the making! 🚐😊

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