90 Mile Straight

One of the Facebook groups I belong to posed the question “What is the longest straight road in Australia?” There is a famous sign on the Eyre Highway that crosses the Nullarbor Plain claiming the title of the longest straight road being the next 90 miles or a little more than 146 kilometres.

90 Mile Straight.

People either love or hate the Nullarbor- a Latin word meaning ‘no trees’ – and that should give you a pretty good idea of how uninteresting it can be … but … detour off the Eyre Highway and discover amazing cliffs of the Great Australia Bight or wells and caves and rock formations. It doesn’t have to be boring!

Bunda Cliffs at Head of Bight

The long straight stretch of road is not always the biggest challenge when crossing the Nullarbor. If you are driving into a headwind it can chew through the fuel and be an exhausting drive, as my friends who crossed today found out as they battled to keep their RV on the road.

The biggest challenge I’ve found when I’ve crossed previously though is the flies! Flies so thick I couldn’t step out of my van without being covered in them It’s where I bought that wonderful (not!) fashion statement, the fly net! Without this net I would not have my mouth open, believe me!

In a few months time I’ll be crossing the Nullarbor again, from west to east, on my way back to the east coast of Australia. I wonder if I’ll enjoy the crossing, or will I think like John Eyre who the highway is named after. He obviously didn’t enjoy it at all!😂😂

Really? It’s not THAT bad!

3 thoughts on “90 Mile Straight

  1. I quite like the crossing this is my 15th and Ros and I will take 7-8 days this time as I show her some secret spots I have found over all those years . We have however hit bad winds as of yesterday AM and last night was bad here at the 13k peg from the border so bad today is a stop rest and enjoy the view whilst we wait for the wind to ease. The secret to “doing “ the Nullabour is go slowly and breathe in the fresh air

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