Jaffles at Gemtree

140 Solo travellers have arrived at Gemtree Caravan Park and Bush Camp for a few days of fun, feasting and festivities in the red centre of Australia.

There’s plenty of space to spread out and loads of activities on offer – or we can just veg out and do nothing if we want to. I’m alternating between both 😊 from a limerick writing session to reading a book; fossicking for garnets to … writing my blog. There’s time for it all!

A full program of events on offer every day

There’s damper cooking lessons each morning – and the best part about that is tasting the results when the camp ovens are lifted off the fire. Look at this beauty!

Photo by Joy Billings

Damper is a very Aussie camping favourite and basically consists of self-raising flour and some liquid – could be milk, lemonade, ginger beer or even water. It is mixed together, popped into a camp oven and sat in the coals of a good campfire for about half an hour or until it sounds hollow when tapped. Simple and simply delicious 😋

Dinner last night was jaffles cooked on the campfire. If you haven’t heard about jaffles before, a jaffle iron is like a sandwich press you can put on an open flame.

My jaffle iron is just like this one!
The trick is to remember which one is yours!
Great overhead shot of our jaffles cooking – taken by fellow Solo Mal Smith

Last night’s jaffle was filled with braised steak and onion but they are delicious with bacon and eggs, baked beans or any leftovers you have.

Hmmm. Wonder what’s next on the agenda 🤔

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