A Walk On The Wild Side

Don’t get excited! It’s all to do with wildlife rather than a wild life! 😂😂😂

Today I visited the Territory Wildlife Park at Berry Springs in Australia’s Northern Territory.

I arrived in time to jump on the train that stops at each major display and my first stop was the Flight Deck where native birds appear as the keeper is describing them. I love this shot I got of the barn owl as it landed for a treat.

I wish I could let you believe it was a result of my fantastic photographic skills but I got quite a surprise when I was viewing my photos to discover it! He must have flapped as I clicked 🦉📷

The other interesting bird that was introduced was the Australian Buzzard Now, I didn’t even know we had buzzards in Australia – and this one is very clever! Without being taught this behaviour this bird picks up a rock to break through the shell of an emu egg. It’s one of only 2 birds that are known to do this and apparently shows a high level of intelligence.

After the bird show I wandered off to the Nocturnal House to see the little creatures that come out at night. It was too dark to take photos but an interesting fact – and quite frightening one too – is that cats, both domestic and feral, kill about 40 million Australian native birds and animals every year! A very good reason to keep your pussy cats inside!!

Then it was a lovely walk through the Monsoon Forest and into the huge bird enclosures …

Torresian Pigeon
Pacific Baza

At each display they had information boards describing the birds that inhabited that area but just like it is in their natural surroundings not all were easy to find.

And if you did find them not all were easy to photograph! Unfortunately I’ve deleted far more photos than I’ve saved. These sculpted creatures at least stayed still for me and were found dotted throughout the park, mainly at the entry to the various displays.

Hanging around at the station 😂

I wandered around the park for about 4 hours then hopped on the little train again to choof me back to the entry. I was very impressed with the relaxed vibe here and equally impressed with the passionate wildlife workers who were only too happy to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for their charges.

A very interesting ‘walk on the wild side’!

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