Wildflower Wandering Day 4

It’s hard work looking for wildflowers 😂 so a hearty breakfast starts the day just right!

Breakfast Cook-up

Well fortified we set off to Perenjori and the very helpful lady in the Information Centre to tap into the local knowledge of the best places to see wildflowers. This lady really knew her stuff and her directions led us to the most amazing display of wreath flowers I have ever seen.

Wreath flowers

To think we got excited finding two or three of them yesterday! Today is almost wreath flower overload.

Wreath flowers

We decided to camp the night at Camel Soak but on the way detoured to Orchid Ridge, and what should we find but even more wreath flowers.

It was unusual to see them growing in amongst other plants as they are normally found on fairly barren ground.

Orchid Ridge didn’t live up to it’s name, although I think this little flower may be an orchid 😊

We’ve overdosed on wreath flowers today! It’s time to set up camp and enjoy a corned beef dinner I cooked in the Dream Pot. Kerry, Sandy, Dave and I sat up by lamplight to eat before retiring to the campfire with a port before bed. A lovely end to the day.

Beautiful roadside wildflowers.

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