Wildflower Wandering Day 5

There’s more to wandering than discovering wildflowers, although that is the main reason we are following one of Western Australia’s Wildflower Trails. The roads are also introducing us to small towns and campsites with interesting stories to tell.

Last night we stopped at Camel Soak. Now that’s an unusual name for a stopover!🤔

Camel Soak

Apparently it got its name from the cameleers who stopped here to water their camels when the Rabbit Proof Fence was being built but it has long been a watering hole for animals and an indigenous meeting place.

Taking in the view

It’s also an easy climb to the top of the rock to enjoy the sunset and marvel at the myriad of crater like pools.

The drive into Camel Soak was lined with a carpet of flowers and it truly looked like the ground was covered in snow.

And what a pleasure to discover our friend Kerry already camped here! A lovely opportunity to enjoy a meal together.

Dining by lamplight 😊

Unfortunately rain was predicted so we only had the one night here as the drive in was red dirt that would have become slippery wet mud. Not long after we left the heavens opened so I think we made a timely escape!

2 thoughts on “Wildflower Wandering Day 5

  1. Thanks Anne. The wildflowers are so prolific they are almost overwhelming! I’m very lucky to be here and glad you’re enjoying my travels too 🤗🚐


  2. Hi Rosemary
    I’m still watching your page and enjoy seeing your photos and stories
    Loving your wild flowers too
    Its becoming warmer here in Kiama.
    Best of travels to you


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