Wildflower Wandering Day 6

We haven’t travelled far to see some of the most spectacular displays of wildflowers. The highlighted route is approximately 520kms and brings us to our current camp at Canna.

The Wildflower Trail

I remember staying here at Canna about 8 years ago and it hasn’t changed much since then. This time I’ve wandered the pathways into the bush and found some lovely additions to my wildflower photo collection.

The cutest would have to be these Donkey Orchids

Donkey Orchid
Donkey Orchids.

I haven’t positively identified these beauties but think they may be called Pink Fairies 🧚‍♀️

Along the bush track we also came across a mallee-fowl nest – a huge mound of earth & sticks – hopefully incubating a new generation of these birds.

Mallee-fowl nesting mound

A sculpture, probably about the true size of a mallee-fowl and an information board helped us recognise the nest.

Around the motorhome there are flowers galore. I feel like I am camped in the middle of a garden 🌻🚐🌸


We’ve stayed two nights here at Canna, although it’s been very windy and rained last night. Dave has cooked a chicken curry for dinner tonight- perfect winter warming food. It’s been too cold to sit outside at night so Sandy & Dave have been coming into my motorhome for dinner and then a game of cards. Life’s good 👍🏻

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