Glory Be!

The catholic cathedral in Geraldton is a stunning conglomeration of architectural styles.

Geraldton Cathedral

Monsignor John Hawes used his considerable talent in Geraldton and surrounds to create unusual edifices to the glory of god. His style incorporates everything from Gothic to Romanesque to Moorish and the Geraldton cathedral is a typical example.

On my last visit to Western Australia I visited several of his churches throughout the wildflower country east of Geraldton and if you follow the link I have included above you will see a portfolio of his prolific work in this area.

But back to the Geraldton Cathedral. Step inside with me!

Geraldton Cathedral

Isn’t it amazing?

The organ
The altar

Bishop Kelly had laid the cornerstone of the church in 1916

A glass floor lets us view the crypt where Bishop Kelly was interred. (I found this a bit creepy. )

Looking into the crypt.

The crypt may have been creepy but the cathedral itself was a celebration of styles and of Monsignor John Hawes dedication to his god.

2 thoughts on “Glory Be!

  1. I’m glad you made it to the cathedral Rosemary, its quite stunning isn’t it! I’ve not seen anything quite like it before, and in Geraldton it was very unexpected.


    1. Thanks for your recommendation Bob. It was definitely worth visiting! So unusual- and when you entered there was such a wow factor with all those stripes!

      Liked by 1 person

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