A Change Of Plans

Day 3 – Plan B

17/11/22. I woke this morning with the RV rocking and rolling in the strong north easterly wind, grey skies and

ominous thunder. It didn’t take long for the rain to start to put a dampener on the day.

I wish you could hear the thunder that’s rolling around us as I write. We’ve delayed our departure waiting for the rain to ease but now it could be a slippery exit on the dirt track we came in on.

Our original plan was to stop at Caiguna for fuel and then travel on to our destination, Madura Pass Lookout. After leaving Caiguna we also pulled into the Cocklebiddy Roadhouse and I snapped this sign.

Plan B kicked in when we got to our destination, Madura Pass Lookout, and the turnoff was awash. The rain had hardly stopped and the muddy road up the slope to the lookout decided us – let’s push on. So that’s what we did after stopping for lunch at the Madura Roadhouse. Such a shame as the sunrise from the lookout is stunning 🌅

I had another place, Kathala Pass, on my trip planner so it was agreed we’d travel there, another 113 kms, before stopping for the night.

Plan C! We drove down a gravel track that was mainly underwater to the rest stop, took one look at the amount of water laying around and decided to push on again.

Too much water for comfort!

The Mundrabilla Roadhouse and Caravan Park was only a couple of kms further on and we decided to pay for a stay after the stress of driving through this amazing storm today.

The wet track out.

Plan D! We arrive at Mundrabilla to discover all the rain had caused a problem with their generator so there was no power at the roadhouse – no lights, no cooking, no fuel bowsers working and no showers or toilets because there was no water pump! On top of all that the caravan park was under water 💦 The owners kindly said find a dry spot somewhere and park up for the night so we did!

We are now a day closer than expected to the South Australian border. We have already been through one time zone change – clocks went forward 45 minutes for Central Western Time – and we have another 1hour 45 minutes tomorrow. Every clock in the RV is now totally confused, as am I, about what time it is! ⏰.

Day 3 Stats

  • Topped up diesel at Caiguna. 182 kms since last fill. 21 litres @$2.89 a litre = $59.76
  • Total kms travelled today – 280 kms
  • I won 2 out of the 3 games of Sequence we played. 😂. Winners are grinners 😊

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