What A Difference A Day Makes

24 little hours … and so much can change! Today, 18/11/22, we have blue skies, barely a breeze … and, at the end, 2 1/2 hours less in our day as we cross the border from WA to South Australia.

Day 4 A blue sky day 😊

Sunny skies were certainly a welcome start to the day after yesterday’s deluge. There is still a lot of water lying around though and we discovered, as the day progressed, that it blocked off many access points to camps and cliffs along the Southern Ocean. Here’s today’s journey, some 270kms.

Our first stop was Eucla for fuel and to visit the old telegraph station. You can see how wet it is! At this stage we didn’t realise how many tracks would be impassible today so we were lucky to see what we did.

Car park, Eucla Telegraph Station

The ruins of the Eucla Telegraph Station are iconic as what you can see of them constantly changes as the sand swallows them today and swirls away tomorrow. There was quite a lot exposed but you can see it’s only the top of the building as the doorways are nearly buried.

It’s hard to believe this was a family home until 1962 when the shifting sands made it impossible to stay any longer.

Soon after we passed through the border of WA and SA and took the track to the first designated viewing area of the Southern Ocean. I’m so glad we did because every other track after this was inundated, with access for our motorhomes just too risky.

Hello South Australia!
Ocean cliffs
The beautiful blues of the ocean
Erin’s dog Abe enjoying some freedom

We made several attempts to access the spectacular Bunda Cliffs but to no avail; I’ll have to rely on my memories and photos of 8 years ago 🥲

Today we were aiming for the free camp at Head of Bight but stopped 15 kms short at the Nullarbor Roadhouse Caravan Park when we discovered we had internet and phone connection… luxury! We’ll hold off buying fuel here though at $3.09 a litre 😱

We often don’t think how these facilities in remote locations operate. For instance, they have a desalination plant to produce clean water from artesian bores and have to generate their own power.

The original Nullarbor Roadhouse

Today’s roadhouse is a lot more modern but certainly doesn’t have the character … and probably the stories … of the original.

Day 4 Stats

  • Fuel at Eucla 36.7 litres @ $2.86 a litre = $104.84 350kms since last fuel stop
  • Travelled 272 kms today
  • Paid $20 to stay on an unpowered site in the Nullarbor Caravan Park. Showers are $1 for 5 minutes.
  • I won our game of Bush Rummy after a mighty challenge by Erin. 😊

5 thoughts on “What A Difference A Day Makes

  1. Yeah…I saw it..very comprehensive…somehow I’ve gotta make myself look forward to the same drive next month. (Our little cat is too old too fly…so she’s having the trip of a lifetime)


      1. You’re dead right. I’m actually looking forward to the actual journey…printed out some maps of the intended daily legs..and looking for pet friendly accommodation on the way. By the way…your blogs reminded me of what a top cop once said about his Police District. He was the Superintendent in Charge of the Kalgoorlie Goldfields policing district. it stretches as far as Eucla. When asked about the size of his breathe replied, “Its an area as big as France…without the people.” (That was an interview grab in the TV series “Kalgoorlie Cops” which I helped produced…from the Police side of the series)


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