What’s The Tide Please?

No, this is not a misprint. There is a clock in Port Germein , South Australia, that told the tide, NOT the time!

Pt Germein Tide Clock

Of course it’s no longer operational as it is sitting on the shore at the entry to the pier but it is thought to be one of only two in existence and played an important role guiding ships safely into the channel.

Port Germein is well known also for claiming the longest timber jetty in Australia. In 1883 it was 1,680 metres long but was then shortened by storm damage to only 1,532 metres. I know that Busselton in Western Australia would dispute this claim! There’s nothing like some good old interstate rivalry!

Port Germein Jetty

The old lighthouse stood at the end of the jetty from 1894 and was moved to its current location in 1975. Before the lighthouse Port Germein was serviced by a Lightship .

Port Germein Lighthouse

Port Germein is only a couple of kilometres off the highway as you travel down the Yorke Peninsular in South Australia. This little side trip on my way to Port Pirie reinforces what treasures are waiting to be discovered when you make a detour. 🚐

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