Halfway Across Australia

Kimba‘s claim to fame is that it’s the halfway point (as the crow flies) between Australia’s east and west coast. But Kimba has much more going for it than that!

As a traveller I appreciate the wonderful campsite they offer close to town all for a donation. There are hot showers available there for only $1 for 2 minutes, toilets and a camp kitchen. They certainly encourage us to stay and use their town as a base for exploring the local area, which includes the Gawler Ranges.

If you’re into ‘big things’, Kimba also has the Big Galah, a well known photo opportunity when you are passing through. 🚐

The Big Galah

Dave is such a good sport 💕. When I asked him to stand next to the statue so we could play “Who’s the Big Galah?” he obliged, (although reluctantly 😂)

Since I last visited Kimba they have also embraced Silo Art and their massive silos have been beautifully painted by Cam Sale to depict the agriculture in the area.

Kimba Silo Art by Cam Sale

After giving our RVs a good wash to get rid of the Nullarbor mud we started towards our destination today, Port Augusta, only about 160kms away.

On the way we detoured to Iron Knob which was a hive of mining activity.

Iron Knob
Huge open cut mine at Iron Knob

Although we didn’t stop there we did a drive around the streets and were amazed at the number of little dilapidated cottages made of corrugated iron. Cheap real estate – but not very appealing!

I’m sure when I stopped here in 2014 the mine wasn’t operational but that’s certainly not the case today. As you drive along the Eyre Highway the size of this mine is apparent and we made the comment that it would rival the Super Pit in Kalgoorlie.

Tonight’s stop is at the Football and Community Club in Port Augusta. Hope they are doing a meal tonight 🍲🍱🍨 ‘cos I don’t feel like cooking 😊

2 thoughts on “Halfway Across Australia

  1. You’ve certainly had an adventure crossing the country Rosemary! We experienced some rain on one of our crossings, but nowhere near as much as you did! What a shame you couldn’t get out to some more of the cliff lookouts. Kimba is a lovely place to stop, the low cost camp there has been a wonderful asset. We have also stayed at Iron Knob’s low cost camp, Nobbies, a very welcoming stop. Funny little town isnt it!! (I’m not sure “town” is appropriate really!) Enjoy


    1. All of a sudden WA seems far away and long ago. I certainly understand the ‘pull’ it had on you and Deb and why you chose to settle there. The Nullarbor was certainly an adventure this time, thanks to Mother Nature, but I’d do it again in a heart beat to enjoy all the west has to offer.


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