Not Long On The Coorong

The Coorong is a saline lagoon that stretches 140kms along the coastline southeast of Adelaide, from

Victor Harbour to Kingston SE.

It was disappointing that there weren’t too many places to pull off the road and photograph some of the spectacular waterfront areas of the Coorong but we did take one detour that provided a photo opportunity.

Well known for its pelican rookery, we were greeted by a formation flying overhead as we drove the length of the Coorong.

Of course, its pelicans were made famous in Storm Boy, the book by Colin Thiele that was made into a movie in the 1970’s and again in 2019.

The Coorong will look very different in a few weeks time as the flooded Murray River makes its way to the sea and a lot of the dry flat areas will fill with water and become a thriving haven for the many birds that migrate here from far distant places of the world.

The Coorong

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