Limestone & Lobsters

I love the way different places capitalise on a local feature and create an identity that attracts people to visit, or even settle, in the area.

We have just travelled the Limestone Coast in South Australia, an area from Kingston SE (at the southern end of the Coorong), across to the Victorian border.

We stayed overnight in Kingston SE, where the Busy Bees of a previous blog were camped next to me! It’s also the home of the Big Lobster- another ‘Big Thing’ to tick off the list.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to taste one of these delicacies even though we visited the places they were caught and sold to the public. The shops were either closed when we were there or they didn’t have any. Such a shame as to me there is nothing like a good crayfish, as they were always known when I was growing up. I don’t know why they are now called Southern Rock Lobsters 🤷‍♀️ Is it a trendier name or was their old name, crayfish, wrong??

Here’s some pics of places we visited, lovely old buildings we saw and some of the Limestone Coastline

These cottages were opposite the big lobster. 20 photos of the cottages! 1 photo of the lobster! You can see what appealed to me most 😂

Caledonian Inn, Robe

We wanted to visit some of the little seaside villages and followed a sign to Nora Creina – how could a place ever get a name like that? We’ll never know, because we never found it! I think someone removed the sign post, so after about 15kms of rough gravel road we gave up and headed back to the highway, which wasn’t much of an improvement. The roads we travelled on today were generally dreadful, in very poor condition, narrow and with broken unlined edges. I think we were spoilt in WA and often commented about how good the roads were there. 🚐

Beachport was our lunch stop where we made ham & salad wraps that we shared with the local seagulls. It was a beautiful sunny day- just perfect for a seaside picnic.

Our destination this day was Mount Gambier and we made it in time to see a couple of local attractions on the way to our campsite at the Showgrounds. More about them next time though.

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