Umpherston Sink Hole

If you visit Mount Gambier you simply can’t miss seeing the Umpherston Sink Hole. It got its name from

James Umpherston who used to own the property, complete with sink hole. He decided to beautify it by planting a formal English garden with steps leading to the wonderland he created.

Since it was first developed by James it has had periods of disrepair and neglect but is today maintained by the local council within beautiful park like grounds, encouraging families of picnickers, locals and tourists, to visit and enjoy this sunken garden.

Dense ivy covers the steep walls.
Lush growth
There’s a cave behind where Dave is standing.
The pathway on the rim of the sink hole.

Such an unusual thing to see – a true pleasure garden – the result of someone’s vision over 100 years ago. Let’s hope it’s still there in another 100 years for many more generations to enjoy.

Where is Mount Gambier?

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