Things Are Crook …

… in Tallarook! Most Aussies will finish off that saying without a second thought but if you’re not Australian it means

things aren’t what they should be, everything’s not quite right. If you’re feeling crook you’re feeling unwell. If you’ve got a crook leg you might be limping. If you’ve got a crook boss at work it means you think he’s unfair or no good at his job. And Tallarook? Us Aussies love a rhyming saying 😂

Anyway, I digress. I thought of that saying because on Friday night ( December 9, 2022) we camped at Lake Talliorook … sounds a bit like Tallarook… but there was definitely nothing crook about it at all!

Lake Talliorook
Yes, I see you 😂
A lone fisherman

Signs at the boat ramp suggested you could catch brown trout and rainbow trout here (it’s a freshwater lake) but there was nothing jumping on this fellows hook 🎣

But as far as camping goes it was a catch!

Bush camping

Camping Info

  • Lake Talliorook is near Lismore, Victoria
  • $10 per person per night
  • All sites are unpowered and fairly unstructured
  • Hot showers, toilets, rubbish bins
  • Boat ramp

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