The Joy in Simple Things.

The other day at Marlay Point, a shallow lake by a campground, a lanky golden coloured dog leapt into the water and bounced through the waves, its mouth wide open as if laughing with delight – an absolute picture of pure joy! And utterly contagious!

(Image from internet)

This morning, like many other mornings when I am camped in quiet bushland settings, birds and their songs bring me joy. From the little blue wrens with their incessant chatter to the carolling magpies and laughing kookaburras, their songs ring clear without city noises to camouflage them. Such a joyous way to start the day!

Magpie song

It’s the simple things that bring joy into my life – sharing experiences with friends, a sparkling sea, a lush green forest, a good book, a field of wildflowers. I am so grateful I find joy in these simple pleasures.

Lucky me at Lucky Bay, Western Australia

I’m participating in #bloganuary and this post is my response to today’s prompt ‘What brings you joy in life?’

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