Living in the Glass House

To be more precise, I’m currently house sitting in Glass House Mountains, that spectacular area behind the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Coonowrin and Beerwah

In the photo above you can see Coonowrin, or Crookneck and Ngungun. The photo was taken looking over recently planted fields of strawberries. The photo below puts them into perspective with the rest of ‘the family’

It might seem strange referring to the Glass House Mountains as ‘a family’ but the Aboriginal legend tells of the father, Tibrogargan, the mother, Beerwah, and the son, Coonowrin.

The Twins seem to merge into the backyard here so I’m truly living amongst it at the moment!

The Twins

The name Glass House Mountains, was given by Captain James Cook in 1770 as when he viewed them sailing by he noted

Cook was referring to the glass furnaces of his native Yorkshire, in England.

The area supports pineapple and strawberry farms, no doubt benefiting from the rich volcanic soils of this ancient volcanic region.

I’m benefiting by calling this place home for the next couple of weeks 🚐

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