Filling the Gap

I haven’t been travelling much lately so blogging hasn’t been on my mind … until I suddenly realised it seems like weeks since I last posted anything!

Here’s a snapshot of my life over the last few of weeks.

Street sculptures in Beerwah, Queensland

My cousin Gavin celebrated his 90th birthday

I house sat for another cousin, Geoff, in the beautiful Glass House Mountains and got creative with my acrylic paints.

I decided to sell some unwanted camping gear … seems like no one else wanted it either so I still own it! 😢

With millions of others I watched the coronation of King Charles 👑

I’ve saved silly jokes off Facebook and recycled them through different groups I belong to 😂

And I’m now in another beautiful location, Noosa Heads, house sitting for some friends I met at Uluṟu in 2015. Bonnie is this little cutie I’m looking after for the next few days.

So, my life has been more settled lately … but my feet are getting itchy …

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