What’s In A Name?

Do you ever wonder how places get their names? Who decided to call a place Dingo, and why?

Dingo statue in Dingo Queensland

Today I drove through Duaringa, Dingo and Comet, stopping in Emerald overnight.

Map route from Calliope to Emerald

So here’s what I found out …

Well, that’s pretty straightforward! So Comet is surely named after some ‘out of this world’ experience?

This dot on the map is not only linked to a comet, but one noted by one of Australia’s famous explorers.

Now how about Duaringa? One of my favourite websites, Aussie Towns, has this to say …

In other words … no one really knows 😂

Now, I wonder about that road I passed … Gentle Annie Road? Or Ticklebelly Gully? And Ton of Fun Road?

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