A Helluva Fright!

I’m sure many of you have noticed how nature has thrived during the Covid-19 lockdown. There’s been a proliferation of butterflies, birds have flocked to the cities …

and green frogs have multiplied in gardens … all signs of a healthier environment.

I have no idea how green frogs make their way into toilet bowls, but they have mastered the art in Yaraka, the tiny western Queensland town I am staying in.

Green frog in a toilet bowl

Lift the lid of a toilet and there could be 6 or more of them looking at you. Flush the loo to get rid of them and even more might appear!

But when a girl’s gotta go, a girl’s gotta go … and it’s not my first experience of green frogs!

Here’s my poetic take on my first experience

Green Frog Country