Tagging Along – Day 8

There was a foggy start to the day today as we prepared to leave the Riverside RV Camp.

Once the sun came out the fog burned off quickly though and the day became warm and steamy. We were only travelling about 70kms to our next destination, The General Gordon Hotel, a little south of Mackay. We are camped in the yard behind the pub, almost cheek to jowl so that we all fitted in.

Country pub camping is a great option for travellers as many offer free camping if you buy a drink or a meal. It’s a win-win situation- the campers get safe low cost camping and we spend our money in the pub and elsewhere in these small towns, adding to their economy.

The General Gordon Camping area

We are here to celebrate a birthday for one of our friends and the pub is putting on a special lunch for her. We thought it wise to stay on a second night as we are sure to have a drink or three and therefore shouldn’t be driving.

So, let’s party 🎉🥳🍹🥂

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