Tagging Along – Day 9

We were stationary today so no ‘tagging along’, instead we celebrated a birthday by having lunch at The General Gordon Hotel where we are camped.

General Gordon Hotel

As is typical of many country pubs our meal was huge and served with a smile and friendly banter and accompanied by a singer/guitarist

I enjoyed my calamari, chips and salad 😋
Our birthday girl!

The furniture here is heavy and huge. It looks like slabs of trees. They certainly wouldn’t worry about it being stolen – you’d need a crane to lift it! Just pulling the chair out from the table was hard enough!

Last night we had torrential rain that overflowed the gutters around my little campervan, unfortunately flooding inside. I should be used to this happening but it caught me by surprise so out came all my towels to mop up the water that leaked in. I thought if I closed the pop top roof no more water would fill the gutter – so then it drizzled in through the zippers around my pop top windows! Guess I was just meant to get wet last night 😰. Tonight I’m prepared for it!☔️

Well, the fruit bats (flying foxes) don’t seem so active tonight so with a little less screeching as they fight over the pickings on the fig tree – and if the rain holds off – I should get a good night’s sleep 😴

By the way, you can read about General Gordon, the person here

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