Tagging Along – Day 10

I am travelling through the sugar cane country near Mackay Queensland. The General Gordon Hotel where I’ve camped for the last two nights was surrounded by cane fields and as I left there I pulled over to watch a harvester at work.

There was low cloud over the hills and the threat of rain but it held off until I was set up at my next camp at Kuttabul.

Low cloud over the cane fields.

I love travelling the back roads and had no good reason to go into the city of Mackay so I moseyed along through tiny villages and avoided the hurly burly of the highway. After all, I’m not in a hurry so I don’t need to rush to my next destination at 100kms an hour. I can take my time and enjoy the sights along the way.

When I finally got back to the highway I missed the turn into our next camp at the Kuttabul Hotel so I travelled on for a few kilometres until I found a cafe. And what a great find it was!

Zarby’s Cafe, Mt Ossa

A totally unexpected retro cafe at a non-descript roadside stop at Mt Ossa. The bonus was the good coffee they served – and a delicious apple turnover.

I then retraced my steps to the Kuttabul Hotel, that offers camping out the back in the hope the campers will support the pub by buying a meal and a drink.

Camping at the Kuttabul Hotel

We hadn’t been set up very long when the heavens opened! That sent us all back to our vans until it eased off enough to wander to the pub for a drink and dinner. Good food, good company and friendly locals all contributed to a most enjoyable evening.

The Kuttabul Hotel

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