Tagging Along – Day 11

This morning we left the Kuttabul Hotel and headed to our next stopover at the Oh Deere Farm Stay. On the way I did a detour to St Helens Beach which has a campground with basic facilities for $15 a night. What a pretty little seaside camp.

Campground at St Helens Beach
View from the camp at St Helens Beach

I couldn’t work out why there was no-one there until I stepped out of my van and was eaten alive by midges – those tiny little black pin- head sized insects that you don’t see until they bite you – and by then it’s too late!

So St Helens Beach was a nice place to visit – as long as you stayed in your van with the windows closed!

Oh Dear! There’s no deer at the Oh Deere Farm Stay but there is a collection of John Deere tractors and that’s how it gets its name. It’s a working cane farm and yesterday they were planting new rows of cane. Looks like hard work to me!

Planting sugar cane
Planting sugar cane

It’s a pretty setting here and they offer a shower and toilet for our convenience and at night have a fire pit that all the campers gather around to swap tall tales and travelling stories.

My view
Looking over the dam
Sunset sky
Sitting around the campfire
Magic fire dust coloured the flames.

Our next stop was going to be Proserpine but it is their Show Day today and everything is closed so we have opted for another night here at Oh Deere. Oh dear, the best laid plans … our itinerary timing is shot to pieces … but we’re still having fun 🥳

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