Tagging Along – Last Days

I have spent the last two days in Home Hill Qld and my wonderful tagalong family are here too.

Unfortunately we are not all camped together, with some at the Showgrounds, some at the free RV stop behind the Main Street and I’m in a little caravan park. It was time I caught up on my washing and also computer work for some of the groups I’m involved with. Oh the luxury of never ending electricity when I’m used to only having battery power. 🥰

At around 6pm tonight heavy machinery started road works right in front of my van! Usually I post a photo of a lovely outlook I’m enjoying but tonight ….

It’s now 11.15pm and it’s still going! I may not get much sleep tonight 😴

Tomorrow we go into Townsville to shop, refill gas bottles, replenish the wine supplies and head to a lovely campground about 60kms further north.

Nearly there!

It WILL be more peaceful- and I’ll be able to enjoy it knowing I have caught up on the little bit of work I needed to do.

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